About Us


  • TruSpan will help your Company scale to the next level
  • We have a deep understanding of growth dynamics, both operationally and from a capital perspective
  • TruSpan can be your strategic partner, not just your accountant or financial service provider
  • Our goal is to make your life easier and to learn more about your company through the financial services area
  • TruSpan’s services are very reasonably priced – even lower than the industry standard
  • We partner with your C-Suite team and/or your Investors to support the company’s back office so both the management and investor team can focus on creating value for the business


  • TruSpan will always provide free resources to help managers become more intelligent in the world of finance at all stages of their life cycle
  • Our core competencies are technology and/or high growth companies that have a large need for strategy and direction
  • We are willing to take ownership in a Company in exchange for a lower fee because your success is our success
  • TruSpan is selective – we only work with Companies that are ready to scale with our support
  • We are focused on building both your brand and the TruSpan brand