How to Register a Business in Texas

Running a successful business often involves expanding into new markets. Before setting up your business in Texas, you must ensure you are in compliance with state laws. The following is a guide on how you can register a business in Texas including the fees and benefits. What is Foreign Qualification? Any business entity that is […]

Understanding Franchise Tax in Texas

A lot of people are finding it a major challenge to understand the franchise tax in Texas, especially new business owners. The good news is that all they need is patience and the right guidance, and they can scale through the process without any issues. This blog post delves into all the important information and […]

How do I give stock to my start-up employees?

Congratulations on starting your company, there is so much to do!!!!! As you start bringing on your co-founders, first employees, and contractors it’s important that you have incentives for them to build the business and increase the company’s valuation. The process to issue stock or ownership to these people depends on what type of corporate […]

Not sure about your Tax Filing Date?

It seems so simple, right, it’s always April 15th.  Well, it’s not exactly always April 15th.  If you are filing your individual, personal tax return, your due date this year is Tuesday, April 18th.  You can file for an extension until October 16, 2023 by completing an extension form, a link to a form approved […]

Why Would we Outsource our Accounting and Finance?

Why outsource your accounting and finance, I mean you know the most about what is happening in the business? It used to be there were two choices for your early stage or young company; you could hire a bookkeeper, or you could pay a CPA by the hour to do your taxes.  If you hired […]

Should I be receiving a K-1 for my taxes?

If you are an investor in a company or an executive in your organization, you may wonder whether you should be receiving a K-1 for your personal tax reporting. Or maybe your accountant is asking you whether you have any K-1s, and if you’re like so many others, you have no idea. Let’s start by […]

Introducing TruSpan Financial: Strategic Support at Every Stage

TruSpan Financial provides financial and accounting services to select early-stage and scaling companies, while giving peace-of-mind to the management teams and investors who support them. Our deep background in technology and high-growth companies, and our seasoned bench of professionals can offer as much or as little support as your company needs. Our focus on the …

Manage your Team by the Stars

I’ve been working on a breakout session for a seminar that I’ve agreed to do for a friend on communication in the workplace and I struggled with what sort of “personality management tool da jour” would be right for the project; Myers Briggs, Type A, B, C, etc.  I finally settled on using a tool […]

You have a Business Idea – What to do Next?

Congratulations, the hardest part of starting a business is coming up with a good idea. Now there are a million things to do to build a business but first things first you need to just start it.  My mom always said you eat the elephant one bite at a time and that is so true […]

You’ve Sold Something – Now how do you Collect?

It is an awesome moment when you finally sell something and you have a new customer, but the real dance a jig moment is when you see cash in the door. It seems like a logical chain of events but it’s not always that simple. I’ve heard sad stories and even experienced my own tragic …


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