Introducing TruSpan Financial: Strategic Support at Every Stage

TruSpan Financial provides financial and accounting services to select early-stage and scaling companies, while giving peace-of-mind to the management teams and investors who support them. Our deep background in technology and high-growth companies, and our seasoned bench of professionals can offer as much or as little support as your company needs.

Our focus on the financial allows you to leverage your company’s core offerings toward growth.

TruSpan Financial:

  • Will help your company scale to the next level.

  • Has a deep understanding of growth dynamics, both operationally and from a capital perspective.

  • Can be your strategic partner, not just your accountant or financial service provider.

  • Will make your life easier, learning about your company through the financial services area.

  • Is very reasonably priced – below industry standard, payable by fee or shares.

  • Partners with your C-suite team and/or your investors to support the company’s back office – so both the management and investor teams can focus on creating value for the business.

Ask us Anything!

TruSpan Financial will always provide free resources to help managers become more knowledgeable about finance at all stages of their company’s life cycle.

TruSpan Financial

We have the tools. We have the talent.