Manage your Team by the Stars

I’ve been working on a breakout session for a seminar that I’ve agreed to do for a friend on communication in the workplace and I struggled with what sort of “personality management tool da jour” would be right for the project; Myers Briggs, Type A, B, C, etc.  I finally settled on using a tool I use to manage my own communication style; looking to the stars.  I know, totally hippy dippy and I am from Austin so it’s no surprise, but I actually look to zodiac signs all the time in trying to understand how my team and my co-workers are responding to a situation and how best to communicate with them.

You would be completely shocked at how painfully accurate it really is.  I look at the personality characteristics of a sign and some of their general traits and it’s not hard from there to see how to respond. For example a Taurus is very bullheaded and always believes they are right (by the way they often are which is the sad part, but don’t tell my sister I said that). So why in the world would I but heads with a Taurus, better to find a more collaborative approach to work out conflict with them and best if they feel they are driving the solution. Or how about a Virgo, they are organized, hard workers, and analytical.  If I have a project that needs some real work done to build a process or wrap my hands around it I will put a Virgo on the task.  They do have a tendency to go into analysis paralysis and get all wound up, but I know this so I check in frequently enough to keep them on track and pull them out of the weeds when necessary.

I’ve attached a link below to a summary I’ve created for each of the signs, feel free to browse and use in any way you feel it may best help you manage your organization.  Good luck and as I always say the signs haven’t been around for thousands of years because they are just fun – there is some truth in there.